gtkm meme: [1/5] actresses ► Lizzy Caplan
"I’ve always been a tomboy and a feminist. I think feminism, having this stigma attached to it, this idea that it has to look a certain way, has been extremely detrimental to women. I champion that word. I think people should look it up in the dictionary before deciding that they’re not a feminist."

August 30th
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Castle Rewatch: Vampire Weekend

acciostana said: can we start a kickstarter fund so all of us can go to SDCC and make it happen bc i’m game!!

excellent idea! getting the badges is an even greater challenge tho :/

policevest said: omfg this SDCC week needs to happen somehow

i wish. we’ll try again next year and it’d be amazing if you guys came too! 

August 30th
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Stana: Hi guys! We did this challenge because so many of our friends and so many of you challenged us, but mostly we did this because we were inspired by Anthony Carbajal’s ALS challenge video. 
Jon: We thank all of you for challenging us, but Anthony showed us how real ALS is and what our pledges really mean to the cause.
Seamus: So instead of nominating someone specific, we challenge everyone out there who has not done the ice bucket challenge to go out and do it and please donate. (x)

"I’ve got a five-year plan."

August 24th
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August 24th
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"It doesn’t look that far."
"It’s further than you think." (x)

August 24th
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nordin seruyan photographs a snail in central borneo asking a frog if he wants a ride

August 24th
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